Our goal is to improve access and ensure the Indigenous patients' health care experience is culturally safe and inclusive. We aim to ensure the Indigenous patient understands the hospital cultural/processes and health care staff understand the unique needs of the Indigenous patient.

The Indigenous Patient Navigator (IPN) service will work with patients who are visiting from other areas of the province. This service may be available in other areas, contact an IPN to learn if it is available in your area.

Indigenous Patient Navigators, who are located in Mental Health & Substance Use (MHSU) locations (Kamloops & Williams Lake), will help to connect you or your family to the right MHSU service (counselling, substance use services and withdrawal management (detox)) and support access to cultural resources where requested.

Indigenous Patient Navigators (IPNs) are important members of our care teams. They work in hospitals and health centres throughout Interior Health and are available to support Indigenous peoples and their families during their care. Having an Indigenous Patient Navigator as part of the patient care team creates a safe space for Indigenous peoples to interact with the health system.

Whether or not you wish to self-identify as Indigenous, Indigenous Patient Navigators are here for you. The goal of an Indigenous Patient Navigator is to help make your hospital care and journey to wellness safe, comfortable and less confusing. 

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Services provided by Indigenous Patient Navigators

Indigenous Patient Navigators are available to support your care journey and make it less stressful for you and your family. Any member of your care team including your doctor or nurse can refer you to an Indigenous Patient Navigator. You can also request that an Indigenous Patient Navigator is part of your care team at any point during your care. Indigenous Patient Navigators are available to:

  • Offer emotional and cultural support 
  • Create a respectful space and help support the rest of your care team to provide care in a culturally safe way 
  • Be part of your care and discharge planning team 
  • Provide access to spiritual care for you and your family
  • Connect with your Elder or spiritual care provider to ensure you have access to them during your care
  • Contact language translation services


Indigenous Patient Navigator Brochure

Frequently Asked Questions

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