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Safe Reporting e-Form

Interior Health has established a confidential reporting procedure relating to concerns for anyone who has witnessed, committed, is committing or is about to engage in a wrongdoing. Through this program, we seek to enhance IH’s adherence to the Standards of Conduct and our Ethical Framework.

Anyone can confidentially report a suspected or actual case of wrongdoing related to Interior Health by contacting Safe Reporting.

Anonymous reports are accepted. However, we ask that you include as much detail as possible to permit a merit assessment and investigation of the subject matter of your report. All reports will be reviewed by Interior Health’s Internal Audit team or they may assign the report to the appropriate leader for their review and investigation. 

IH encourages good faith reporting of concerns. You are protected from retaliation or reprisal if you honestly make a report. If you believe you experienced retaliation for making a report, you may provide that information on the e-Form as well as through our other contact options.

If you wish to remain anonymous, please do not fill any of the fields in the Contact information section. While anonymous reporting is acceptable, the submission of a Person’s contact information (name, phone and email) is strongly encouraged. Anonymous reports can be made, however, this may limit the investigation or it may be impossible to pursue in cases where the source of information is unavailable for further discussion.

Contact information
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Select the type of Wrongdoing
Allegation Reporting
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"Please provide as much detail about the concern, noting dates, who was involved and the allegation(s)"
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